DORUM & NFT collections

DORUM is a functional and professional ecosystem through the token ($DRU) for the launch of new works/projects made by artists, actors, musical, pictorial, sculptural, influencers, models, designers, and exchange of exclusive author content, linkened and offered for voting on our social network with the integration of the NFT Marketplace itself, integrated towards a roadmap to the metaverse where the exhibition of works, art, sculptures, etc takes place.
DORUM metaverse will offer NFT collections to the market as part of its market positioning strategy, as well as to generate additional benefits for its users and holders.
Our first collection of NFTs will be based on the personalities and attitudes of targeted everyday users from the DORUM ecosystem. This will be made up of 6K exclusive items minted on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) and placed in our DAPP during the first phase of the development for Staking, DAO, and NFT mint.


Users will be able to connect their Metamask and other centralized wallets to the website, and once connected they will have the option to Mint an NFT, which will be generated randomly once the purchase process is completed, and will be able to view the NFT purchased from our own platform or from their BSC Wallet.


Users will be able to opt for a staking system, in which they will leave their tokens purchased on the platform in a pool for a certain number of days (30 or 60 days) generating APY. There will be a Pool of tokens available for rewards and the corresponding APY. For the rewards, the tokens to be obtained will be in USDT, BUSD and/or BNB… Users will also be able to view a countdown to their next reward, as well as a history of the all the rewards received. Dorum coin and NFT holders also get a share of about 15%-20% of the revenue generated in the ecosystem


Users will be able to connect their wallets and vote on queries using their NFTs for this.
The administrator will create the queries to be carried out, indicating the start and end date.
Users will be able to vote only if they have an NFT from the collection and each NFT will have a different vote value depending on its classification/rarity. A record of the NFTs used to vote will be kept, to avoid duplicate votes between wallets.
All votes and queries will be registered in the blockchain through a tailored smart contract for this and will also be necessary to design a frontend for this system, which will be carried out following the previously defined graphic style.
The first NFT collection will be divided into 3 different categories:
-Gold NFTs
-Silver NFTs
-Black NFTs
In that order of ideas, the second NFT collection, which will be available for the second phase of the Metaverse in 2023, its format will be based on 3D through articles, accessories, and clothing for the avatars of the Dorum metaverse.


Holders Benefits of Golden & Silver NFT’s

-Participation within the governance system of the Dorum Ecosystem, in making decisions about the management of the metaverse.
-Entry to activities and special events in our metaverse.
-Voting at artist events
-They participate in an annual discount program for advertising payments in the metaverse.