This is the last integrative stage of Dorum Ecosystem thus completing the professional experience in the metaverse to link professionals with companies through the exhibition of NFT's, auctions, and digital exhibitions of exclusive collections where companies and users can interact within the Dorum Metaverse through their avatars from the professional social network.
DORUM Metaverse

Business Opportunities in Dorum Metaverse

1. Rental of spaces to clients for hosting of live events, exhibition, showroom and many more.
2. Live events such as art exhibitions or concerts attract users.
3. Sale virtual tours of the museum and exclusive exhibitions.
4. Voting and funding for new projects and collections.
5. Development of virtual spaces and infrastructures (Virtual offices( for companies in Dorum metaverse.
6. Creation of various art NFT assets.
7. Development of P2E “Play to Earn” games.
Tokenizable Assets

NFT's of various forms of generative art, music, and content can be exhibited and sold in the Dorum Virtual Museum.