Professional Social Network

The professional social Network is one of the concepts of the DORUM ecosystem, functional with its token of the same name, where professionals can publish and share exclusive content and projects. It is connected to the NFT Marketplace, where you can advertise and also promote your project. Here, professionals and companies can be able to share their opportunities, jobs, ads, and other content and be part of our Ecosystem.
Users benefit directly from the social network which allows them to monetize their premium content organized by categories, tags, and interests in the community to which users can subscribe and gain access to it.
DORUM Social Meta Network

Professional Social Network offers a membership plan to access exclusive content by profile, offering privacy to community users.

Features and Functionalities

1. It is purely based on Dorum token $DRU
2. KYC (Know your Client/Company Documents and certificates of authenticity). Dorum social network will have user verification by means of a seal/badge as an authenticated profile, either company or personal, for greater community security.
3. Users will be able to create and join groups/communities focused on the same interest.
4. Companies will have access to certain information from professionals on the network, as well as a paid premium version of the platform to access all the content created in marketplaces and activities in the metaverse.
5. Users will be able to create their own profiles which for professionals, is basically a curriculum vitae describing their educational background, training, work experience, artwork realized, skills, and a personal photo and avatar to interact on our metaverse.
6. DORUM users will be able to share artwork, content, and information between their professional profile and the Dorum Museum Metaverse (all four features of the ecosystem are linked to each other).
7. Users will be able to "like" and "comment" on posts and at the same time get updates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other announcements.
8. Users will also be able to share videos with text and filters on their timelines, and at the same time be able to write posts and articles within the red platform to share with their personal communities.

Social Network Usage

Professionals use of Dorum Social Network
Companies use for Dorum Social Network