Why Choose DORUM?

DORUM Ecosystem "We are the community and for the community"
· Possibility of generating additional income under the staking rewards system which the NFT art collections will be managed.
· The “Social meta-network” business concept is unique in the market and innovative as there are currently no networks integrated with marketplaces and metaverses.
· The creation of content offers the possibility of generating additional incomes in Dorum Token to the creators of exclusive content, as well as to the platform for the sale of the premium membership.
· The blockchain support in our Meta Social Network guarantees the reliability of all operations, and user privacy mitigates the risks of Phishing, hacking, cracking, and Impersonation.
· The option of verified professional profiles provides greater security for companies and service seekers.
· The dynamics of activities between Dorum professional social meta-network, our NFT Marketplace, and Virtual Museum guarantee the commercial flow of Dorum token being the native currency and the functional use of these platforms.
DORUM Metaverse
DORUM Metaverse
· Dorum metaverse offers content creators and artists an ideal space to market their work from different platforms to different audiences online.
· Dorum Metaverse is a win-win bet for investors, users, and consumers.
· The Dorum virtual ecosystem is also an advertising channel for personal and commercial brands allowing content creators to expand their market reach, get sponsors, and also generate additional revenue for the DORUM platform.

If you still have doubts as to why you should take join in this new metaverse

· Economies built with NTFs in the metaverse already move sales of over 96 million dollars
· Also, Bloomberg estimates the value of the metaverse around 500,000 million euros and calculates that it will reach two and a half billion by 2030.
And finally, The NFT industry generated 23 billion USD in 2021.