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Most culture almost never has certainties. Each premiere dreams of success but faces the risk of failure. And creator income often ebbs and flows, depending on the season. Hence, the pandemic hit a sector with hardly any solid pillar and the situation of many artists has gone from being precarious to unsustainable, endangering the diversity of creation.
In countries with available data, revenues from cultural and creative industries fell between 20% and 40% in 2020, and these sectors generally underperformed their respective national economies, thus it have suffered more damage than during any previous crisis, the research says.
The most extreme translation of the data is the closure of cinemas, theaters, concert halls, and galleries, which has affected almost the entire planet in these two years, in addition to the hundreds of shows, films, books, paintings, video games or comics that never came into fruition.
But whoever remains standing does so With some difficulties and according to UNESCO In 2020, the income obtained by creators decreased by more than 10%. “Since the pandemic was declared, artists have had to rely much more on streaming which does not provide enough income to support a professional career.


With the arrival of new technologies, improvements in communication and exposure to the art world are present due to augmented reality that will cause a positive impact and will reach each of our homes in total comfort. We focus majorly on, but are not limited to the following set of people:
Humorists Street
Art (Graffiti)
Creators of NFTs
Digital art
Among other artistic profiles, they will be part of this promising project in development.
This is the best social ecosystem based on blockchain technology being developed and implemented, and it is made up of the following features:
Professional Artist Social Network
NFT marketplace
P2E Games